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Magnavox AM/SW Tuner

I was fascinated with radio from an early age, probably within minutes of being able to stand and reach the controls on my parents' Magnavox console.  This console had a tuner that came equipped with lots of buttons and controls, plus a magic eye tube.  While my parents used it mostly for listening to 78 rpm records, I loved radio, especially shortwave and long-distance night time AM.

Unfortunately, I don't know exactly which model tuner we had.  Magnavox made a myriad of AM/SW tuners in the pre- and post-WWII years in the CR-1XX and CR-2XX series, plus the military RCU-2 variants.  Ours had the medium wave AM broadcast, 1.8 - 6 MHz Tropical/Police, and 6 - 18 MHz shortwave bands, plus at least 8 "preset" trimmer-tuned buttons that also worked on the broadcast band.  The station labels were decals on the buttons, not above them.  And a record player.  The following pictures show representative Magnavox tuners from that era, none of which exactly match my memories but come close.

             8 pushbuttons, but only 2 bands                             RCU-2 -- 3 bands, but no pushbuttons

            8 pushbuttons, but only 2 bands                         CR-154 -- 3 bands, 6 directly labelled buttons

Rich Post has a great page describing a similar vintage Magnavox 342K with AM, SW, and the post-war FM band.

If you know the model with 3 bands, centered tuning eye, and at least 8 pushbuttons, please let me know.