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SRR-13A - Handle Gear Replacements

A worn out and stripped handle gear.

Both handles on Bob Goodrich's SRR-13A had stripped gears.   Close inspection revealed the stamped identification "Boston G-171".   An email to Boston Gears revealed that the G-171 spur gear is still manufactured and can be ordered through your local friendly Boston Gear dealer.   The gears aren't exactly cheap at $12.91 each plus shipping from the local Boston Gear representative.   The fact that the same gear is still available after 50 years is a miracle.

The center shaft for the gear is staked, and made of steel.   Bob drilled a hole about 3/8" deep in the shaft with a #43 drill bit and tapped the hole with a 4-40 thread.   The new gear was installed with a 4-40 screw.

New gear installed in handle with 4-40 screw.

New gear with mating gear in handle.