Padron to Santiago de Compostela

Walking Day 27:  28 km, 6 hrs

The route from Padron to Santiago was almost continuously uphill over the 28 kilometer distance.  

We spoke to Australians Regina and Ingrid for more than an hour while walking.  Closer to Santiago, we met an Italian woman from the Piedmonte region.  That gave me a chance to speak Italian for its own sake, not as a fallback from my horrible Spanish…

After arriving in Santiago, we proceeded to the Cathedral and then Pilgrim Office. We waited an hour and a half in line for our Compostelas and distance certificates.  We saw several familiar faces, including Kata, there.

The town was hosting a 40th anniversary Star Wars convention.  The streets were filled with Jedis, Siths, and storm troopers of all ages and sizes.

Day 27 Photos         Santiago de Compostela Photos