The SDRPlay is a series of relatively inexpensive ($120 - $280 US ) series of 14-bit SDRs that cover 100 KHz to 2 GHz. They have multiple band pass filters in the LF/MF, HF, VHF, and UHF ranges, and a preamp/LNA for the VHF/UHF ranges. They interface to computing devices via USB cable. A simplified block diagram of the receiver is shown below.

The current models are the RSP1a, RSPdx and Duo.

SDRPlay Conceptual Block Diagram

The SDRUno program for Windows is currently provided with all SDRPlay models. The SDRPlay has a well documented API that supports multiple operating systems and hardware platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and Rasberry Pi. Popular Windows SDR front ends such as HDSDR, SDR#, and SDR-Console are supported through the extio dll framwork. GNU Radio, Pothos, CubicSDR, and J-SDR are supported under Linux. Some vendors also offer a companion Raspberry Pi kit to provide remote network access to the SDRPlays.