Honda NT700V

This was the replacement for my 26 year old BMW R80RT.

The NT700V is similar in concept to the old airhead -- a mid-sized, mildly tuned sports tourer. The engine is a bit smaller (680 vs 800 cc) and even quieter than the BMW. Fuel injection and liquid cooling allow it to develop a bit more horsepower as well. The third and fifth gear ratios are almost the same, so they run very similar RPMs at typical around town and highway speeds.

The NT is sure footed, has a low center of gravity, and is fun to ride. It gets great gas mileage, about 55 mpg (US) in my driving, and can easily go 220+ miles between fill-ups.

In addition to the tachometer and speedometer, it provides gauges for engine temperature and fuel level and a multifunction display that includes clock, trip odometers, and average and instantaneous fuel mileage. Unlike the Beemer, it doesn't provide a voltmeter, just a charging system idiot light. But the NT's generator provides almost twice as much electrical power as the RT's.

The seat is not attached on hinges, and has to be removed completely to use the helmet hanger. That's why they sell so many top boxes... :-)

The windshield is manually adjustable to 5 different heights. Adjustments require two hands, and should only be performed when completely stopped.

Another similarity to the R80RT is that the NT700V is used by the police in several European countries.

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