BMW R80RT Airhead

The term "airhead" applies to BMW motorcycles with Type 247 or earlier engines, which were primarily air cooled. The Type 247 engine was used from late 1969 until 1995 for some models. Beginning in 1985 or so, BMW introduced the water-cooled K-series bikes, followed by the newer air/oil cooled R-series "oilheads" in the mid-90's. Newer F and K series bike engines are also water cooled. The 2014 R Nine T keeps the oilhead style engine but stylistically pays homage to the old R90S.

The 1985 R80RT, in Yukon Blue (#615). Comfortable, stately, and sporty enough. Fifty horsepower isn't a lot these days, but it will cruise the legal speed limit anywhere in the U.S. Max continuous RPM is only 7200, so it doesn't scream and whine like the UJMs.

The frame-mounted fairing provides outstanding protection from the cold and rain. One barely gets wet when riding at 40 MPH or faster.

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