Ten-Tec RX-331

The Ten-Tec RX-331 is a software controlled general coverage receiver in use by U.S. government agencies and some commercial customers. It replaces the earlier RX-330 and RX-330B receivers. Some of the internal components are also used in the RX-340 receiver which has a conventional front panel in addition to software control.

While the nominal frequency coverage is 500 kHz to 30 MHz, it is usable down to 50 kHz. The receiver sports 57 bandwidths ranging from 100 Hertz to 16.0 kiloHertz with shape factors 1.5:1 or better. The receiver is controlled via a multi-drop RS-232 interface at baud rates of 300 to 19,200 bps. Additional specifications are detailed in this brochure.

RX-331 Front Panel

RX-331 Rear Panel

The RX-331 is still commercially available, and may be purchased direct from Ten-Tec.

The RX-331 (and similar receivers) are used in systems where many receivers may be co-located and operated remotely. Peripheral devices designed to control 1 to 24 RX-331s include the Aegis, Inc. Networked Receiver Controller NRC 3.0, NRC-D and NRC-24. The NRC 3.0 can control up to 8 RX-331s or WJ-8723 receivers and provide digital audio over networks. The NRC-24 can support up to 24 of these receivers as well as the WJ Nanoceptor.