SuperPro Contributors

I apologize in advance for forgetting anyone....

  • Dr. Alvin J. Bernard, NI4Q

  • R.F. Buchanan, KF4FJH

  • Charles Buttacavoli

  • Bob Duckworth, WB4MNF

  • Robert Fowle, KC8DBC

  • Eberhard Hewicker, DK3HE

  • Ronnie Hull

  • Jeff James

  • Charles P. Jedlicka, N9SOR

  • Mike Knudsen, AA9RG

  • Chris Lirakis AA9AL

  • Jon Oldenburg

  • Rich Post, KB8TAD

  • David Prince, VK4KDP

  • Jon Pevner, N1LIS

  • Bob Roehrig, K9EUI

  • J.C. Stott, AC5ZT

  • Bill Sorsby, N5BU

  • Dave Hollander, N7RK

  • Chuck McGregor, K7MCG

How do you get listed here?

Send me some information on the SP-200 series and military equivalents. E-mail, scanned photos, schematic sections, tuning/repair/operating tips, etc. It's easy. You'll be famous!